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new year's eve, 2002.
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just two years ago. in the sixth grade. july 11, 1994. i was shot by a teenage gang member. my son valentino was killed by a drunk driver. my baby brother joseph was shot. i was sexually assaulted. my wife emma was killed by a drunk driver. my heart was ripped apart. the day this happened to us, our family died. at that time, i had no idea that i needed help or that my family needed help. i didn't know help was there. a detective told us about victims' assistance. we did receive help with the funeral and burial. they informed me of my court dates. they paid for my wheelchair-accessible van. if you're a victim of crime, seek help, because help is there for you. even if you never reported the crime... crime victims' assistance programs are there to help.
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narrator: why do people grow old? is it possible to slow down the aging process? these questions may one day be answered. but for now, the inevitability that each person will grow old is the one thing that all human beings have in common.

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